How to Find the Best Pool Leak Detection Specialist in Sarasota, FL

It is prevalent for pools to lose a little water each day because of evaporation. However, an excessive loss of water might indicate a leak in your swimming pool. There are many places where leaks could originates, and locating them on your own can be a difficult task. Finding the most accurate pool leak detection […]

11 Questions You Need to Ask Your Pool Leak Repair Specialist

Leaks are one of the most common pool problems. They can originate from anywhere inside your swimming facility. The good news is there’s plenty you’ll be able to do about them if you know what causes them and their sources! If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think much about what makes your pool […]

Find the Best Bradenton, FL Pool Leak Detection Specialist

Are you looking for the best Bradenton, FL pool leak detection specialist? Well, you need to look any further. Nelson Pool Company is the best for pool leak repair and detection in Bradenton, Florida. The entire team possesses excellent knowledge and expertise, providing speedy yet flexible services.  Nelson Pool Company uses sophisticated equipment and provides […]

Pool Leak Detection Specialist Vs. Plumber

Does your pool water level keep changing?  Are your water bills higher than average? Unfortunately, these are signs that your pool is leaking. To be sure, you need to have it formally diagnosed. The question, however, is, who should you get to check your pool? A leak detection specialist or a plumber? A pool leak […]

Sealing Hairline Cracks in Pool: Do You DIY or Leave to Professionals?

Almost all swimming pools are built to last a long time  and to remain durable. However, even the best and most well-built pools can get cracks. Most times, these are caused by accidents and mishaps. After discovering a crack, most people panic as cracks  can eventually cause big leaks. Some immediately reach out to professionals […]

How Long Does It Take to Acid Wash a Pool?

Is the water in your Sarasota pool so slimy that you can’t see the bottom? Well, this only means one thing – your pool has essentially transformed into a black lagoon. As such, it will need an acid pool washing by the Nelson Pool Company. Also known as ‘drain and clean,’ it’s the process of […]

7 Signs It’s Time to Renovate Your Pool

A pool can bring a lot of joy and fun for the whole family. Relaxing in my pool after a hot day in Florida is one of the things I so look forward to! I want to be able to jump in and cool off! Nothing is worse than being all pumped up to get […]

How We Renovate Your Pool

If your swimming pool already looks old, ugly and run-down, you know it requires a makeover. Making small improvements to give your pool a fresh lease of life and transforming it into something your family and friends will not want to get out of is something you can do yourself, but if you want a […]

How We Drain Your Pool

Draining your swimming pool is not something you need to do every day, but you need to do it once in a while. If your pool is an in-ground pool and you are just a new pool owner, you may realize how difficult it can be to drain your pool by yourself. In this video, […]

How We Refill Your Pool

Whether you have a brand new pool or you are refilling a pool you had to drain for repairs, you need an efficient method to refill your pool. How you fill your pool depends a lot on your location and available resources, but however you do it, careful planning and proper equipment will help you […]