Pool Leak Detection

How do I tell if my swimming pool has a leak?

To detect a leak, look for one or more of these signs:
  1. Your pool loses more than ¼ inch of water daily, requiring you to add new water several times a week!
  2. Its deck area has loose tiles or cracked cement.
  3. The soil around the pool or its plumbing system is often soaked in water.
  4. Its pumps or pipes have obvious signs of corrosion.
  5. You have persistent water chemistry issues, like discoloration and unusual algae growth.
Important: Some leaks may not be so obvious because their source is as thin as a hair strand. To detect and repair them, you need our professional pool leak repair and detection services Sarasota and Bradenton.

First, our inspectors will sift through the entire pool to manually examine the nature of leaks, then they take a more detailed look using our high-tech equipment before proceeding to leak repair.

Act now, before the damage and its repair cost grow any bigger!

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