How We Renovate Your Pool

If your swimming pool already looks old, ugly and run-down, you know it requires a makeover. Making small improvements to give your pool a fresh lease of life and transforming it into something your family and friends will not want to get out of is something you can do yourself, but if you want a full overhaul, we can do it for you.

In this video, we are showing some of the renovations needed for a particular pool. Regardless of the current state of your property, we can offer quality repair and renovation services at rates you can afford.

When does your pool need a renovation?

Over time, your pool can develop problems. You may not consider renovations and refurbishments each time you find something wrong with your pool but there will come a time when you will no longer be able to overlook the situation beyond a point. When that time comes, call us for help. For 7 indications that it’s time to renovate your pool, click here.

Here are some of the telltale signs that your pool finally needs a makeover:

  1.   It already has cracks or peeling

Cracks and other signs of damage often keep you from enjoying your pool fully. These cracks are not only an aesthetic problem—they are often indicators of underlying safety and long-term quality reduction issues.

  1.   It is behind when it comes to energy efficiency

If your pool was built more than ten years ago, then most likely, it is nowhere near as economical and energy efficient as pools today. You will end up saving more in the long run if you modernize it with energy-efficient equipment.

  1.   You’re just unhappy with how it looks

Your personal taste changes over the years. Because of this, you may find yourself longing for a different look for your pool. If you look at your property right now and notice that it is already out of style, it’s time for a renovation.

  1.   It lacks modern safety features

As your pool ages, it develops possible safety concerns. That means the older your pool gets, the more safety features it lacks. If you want to know more about how our skilled professionals remove the substrate or surface materials from a pool for repairs, visit in this.

  1.   It needs frequent repair

If you have been calling in for pool repair service more often than usual, that may mean that your pool has already reached an age where it would be more convenient for you to have it undergo a major renovation. When your pool looks tired, dull, and past its prime, You know it’s time for a stunning transformation.

Bradenton Pool renovations

We at Nelson Pool Company boasts of our team of employees and specialists who have the skill, experience and dedication to turn your vision into a reality. We are committed to transforming your pool into the pool you have always wanted. Check out this link to elevate your outdoor oasis with stylish deck and driveway pavers that pave the way to perfection.

What kind of renovation does your pool need?

Most pool owners today call us if they want to install new energy-efficient pool equipment or just to improve their pool’s aesthetics with new tiles or decking. If you have us perform a complete renovation for your pool, we can add special features to your pool area that will completely transform its cosmetic appearance.

Here are some common renovation ideas for you:

  1.   Resurfacing your pool

Resurfacing a pool basically involves draining your pool so you can chip out the damaged material, applying a new finish and acid-washing the surface of your pool. Among the wide range of pool resurfacing options we offer at Nelson Pool Company are Krystal Krete, Stone Scape, and Pebble Tec.

  1.   Automation

Nowadays, there’s an easy way to control your pool equipment without having to be at your pool area. It’s called automation, and it is something that we love to do. By installing new automation systems to your pool, you allow yourself to control your pool equipment, lights and heaters even from a remote location.

  1.   Improving the area around your pool

Sometimes, your pool may look just fine but the area around it does not. If that is the case, focus on what you can do to improve the area around it. You can make use of pavers to achieve a backyard oasis you can’t resist. At Nelson Pool Company, we offer regular and travertine pavers at very competitive prices. To dive into the ins and outs of inground pool renovation costs and discover the secrets behind a spectacular transformation, click here.

  1.   Renovation

If you want to make an impact and significantly modernize your pool, go for a renovation. Our services range from pool resurfacing, waterline tile replacement, step tiles replacement, and coping replacement.

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At Nelson Pool Company, we understand how a pool can significantly make or break the appeal of your outdoor living spaces, so we ensure that your pool area looks as gorgeous as possible year round. Our team offers peerless swimming pool renovation services that will definitely improve your pool’s aesthetics.

With many years of experience in renovating pools, we are proud to provide our clients the most cutting-edge innovations when it comes to the equipment and materials we use. Since we use nothing less than the best methods and materials available, you can be sure that we are able to transform your aging pool into the pool of your dreams. If your pool needs leak repair, click here for a comprehensive guide. You don’t need to drain your pool daily, periodic drainage is a must-do maintenance task.

Nelson Pool Company has established a track record of always going above and beyond for their clients. From finding leaks to making fixes to completing renovations, we have always put the needs of our clients first. Find out how we strive for perfection in all we do. To see some of our satisfied customers’ comments regarding our service, visit

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