How to Find the Best Pool Leak Detection Specialist in Sarasota, FL

It is prevalent for pools to lose a little water each day because of evaporation. However, an excessive loss of water might indicate a leak in your swimming pool. There are many places where leaks could originates, and locating them on your own can be a difficult task.

Finding the most accurate pool leak detection service in Sarasota, FL is easier. Because some leaks are not as apparent as others, the best detection specialist will take their time to examine the sources and nature of the leaks manually. Then, they will take a more detailed look using high-tech equipment. Locating leaks and repairing them constantly ends in the best results with these methods.

Before you contact a leak detection specialist, though, you should make sure to check if there really is a leak in your pool. Even if you can’t find it directly, some signs and methods help you confirm the problem and where it might be.

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How Do I Detect a Leak in My Pool in Sarasota, FL?

To detect a leak in your pool in Sarasota, FL, losing a noticeable amount of water every day is the biggest indicator. If you need to add more water more than twice a week, you might need to be concerned. Though most leaks aren’t obvious, some can be found on your own.

Pool Leak Detection Sarasota

If you have equipment that automatically adjusts the water levels in the pool, it can hide a leak. You won’t notice a difference until the water bill comes. When your bill comes in at much more than your usual amount, it might be time to check in for leaks.

Even if pools are meant to be very watertight, some sealants can still cause deterioration in other parts of the pool. Sometimes, materials simply wear out. Check the plumbing, fittings, and all accessories connected to the pool.

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Leak detection is a very specialized branch of the pool maintenance industry. If the leak is undetectable on your own or you think it might be a bigger problem, the best professional leak detecting companies are equipped to help.

Excessive Loss of Water in Pool

What’s the Best Way to Find a Leak in a Swimming Pool?

You might be unsure if you actually have a pool leak. There are some telltale tricks, though, that can confirm this. These are fast, easy, and not as expensive as you might think.

1. Change Water Levels

As we mentioned, excessive water loss is the primary sign that your pool leaks. You will need to measure and observe some changes for a few days to rule out some factors. These include evaporation and spillage as other causes.

You can use a method commonly referred to as the “bucket test.” This requires you to get a bucket that can carry at least five gallons. You can fill it with pool water and place it on the first or second pool step. Note the water level inside and outside the bucket using a marker or tape.

Any equipment that autofills the pool’s water should be turned off, so the results are accurate. Then wait a few days before checking the water levels. If your bucket gauge shows a significant drop in water levels, that suggests you likely have a leak.

2. Moisture and Dampness

When a few grassy areas surround a pool, these can also indicate signs of leakage. Usually, when those areas are unusually damp or mushy, the evidence points towards a leak. Locating these areas only requires walking around the area and looking for weird damp or moist spots.

Where Pool Leaks Originate

3. Cracked Concrete

It might not be your first thought, but any broken tiles or concrete might indicate a leak. The leak could be hiding just beneath those surfaces. An underground leak disturbs the ground below, which leads to concrete surfaces cracking and breaking.

It’s important to note that tree roots can also cause cracked concrete. Nevertheless, roots can mess with the plumbing and the pool wall. If this is the case, landscaping might be the fix.

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What Does a Leak Detection Specialist in Sarasota, FL Do?

A leak detection specialist is equipped with extensive knowledge and experience in piping and drainage. They often carry special and unique sets of tools designed to locate the origins of a leak. This makes leak repair much more efficient and economically safer.

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Some of the tools and techniques that specialists use are for specific tasks, such as:


  • Pressurizing water lines and meters to know if a leak does exist
  • A saw that can cut through piping
  • Electronic devices that can listen to water escaping from lines beneath tile flooring or behind walls
  • Custom mirrors that fit in tight spaces allow specialists to find leaks in spaces that are harder to see
  • Infrared detecting devices which can detect or see the water underneath solid surfaces

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The tools reduce the difficulty of locating the problem and where it originates from. Without these, professionals would take much longer to detect leaks. They would have to tear out pipes, dig up the drainage or sewage lines, and even crawl around basements if needed.

How to Find the Best Pool Leak Detection Specialist in Sarasota, FL

How Accurate Is Leak Detection?

Pinpointing the exact source of the water leak can be pretty tricky. Sometimes, leaks occur at very unexpected moments. It doesn’t matter if you’ve noticed the discrepancies before things worsen. Locating the leaks and fixing them is incredibly essential to how your pool survives, as well as your water bill. If you have questions about how long it will take to fix a leak in your pool, click here.

Unlike usual methods of finding water leaks, leak detection specialists utilize their advanced equipment and acquired knowledge to give a high rate of accuracy. This helps you get the issue sorted out much quicker.

Without sufficient skill in leak detection, plenty more issues can arise. Expensive repair bills, health issues brought by mold growth or even damage to your home are just a few. You can lose much more money than you can afford.

Wherever you may be located in Sarasota, FL, there will be a company with leak detection specialists that can cater to where you are. Especially in an area in Southwest Florida, where swimming pools are a very vital part of life. Explore this link to dive into our pool knowledge with engaging blogs on plumbing, leak detection, and more – click here to learn more.

Finding the Best Pool Leak Detection Specialist in Sarasota, FL

Leaks can occur whether the swimming pool is poorly constructed or the equipment and accessories have fallen into disrepair. It doesn’t matter where they originate from, but failing to address leaks immediately can cause more than just slight damage. Follow this link to explore our mesmerizing pool construction portfolio, which reveals the artistry of our projects.

Whenever you suspect a leak, it’s in your best interest to immediately hire and contact experienced professionals like Nelson Inda of Nelson Pool Company. Highly trained pool inspectors and leak detection specialists can examine the nature of leaks using high-tech equipment to isolate the problem better and fix it in no time at all.

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