Sealing Hairline Cracks in Pool: Do You DIY or Leave to Professionals?

Almost all swimming pools are built to last a long time  and to remain durable. However, even the best and most well-built pools can get cracks. Most times, these are caused by accidents and mishaps.

After discovering a crack, most people panic as cracks  can eventually cause big leaks. Some immediately reach out to professionals in fear of making cracks worse. But those who see smaller cracks tend to think: can I DIY this?

In certain cases, it’s best to seek help from professionals to avoid the risk of any more damage. If you think you can seal a hairline crack in your pool on your own, though, then  where should you start? More importantly, how do you know if you can do it yourself? This will help you figure out if you should do it yourself or for those who want reassurance, and easy how-to steps, to sealing hairline cracks in swimming pools.

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Are Hairline Cracks in Pool Plaster Normal?

Cracks are part of a pool owner’s life, especially hairline cracks. Wall cracks are things one shouldn’t worry about, but when it comes to pools, fixing a crack is essential. If a crack isn’t addressed immediately, this can further damage the entire  pool itself.

Generally, hairline cracks are not too concerning. They are usually caused by the seasons changing, especially if a pool’s structure is surrounded by soil. This is why hairline cracks often tempt owners with the question: can I do this on my own?

Smaller hairline cracks usually develop as time passes. They are often found in plaster walls. The most popular spot for hairline cracks to appear is anywhere that is closer to the surface. Uncover the secret signs of a leaking pool line – click here to find out more!

In these cases, the first instinct that occurs may be to immediately run out and buy plaster to personally fix the crack. However, it isn’t as easy as it seems. The best choice would still be to call professionals like Nelson Pool Company, who can help in assessing the damage. Nelson Pool Company may be reached at (941) 256-4079. If you live in the Sarasota or Bradenton area and are in need of pool leak detection services, click here.

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If you still want to do it yourself, it’s best to be as prepared as you can be. The process requires time, effort, as well as pool plaster mix and bonder for liquid cement. Any wrong step that happens in the mix might lead to making the situation worse, which is why consulting professionals should be your choice if possible.

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How Do You Repair a Hairline Crack in a Concrete Pool?

Hairline cracks can be unnoticeable at first because of their size. Some cracks first get noticed when an owner inspects their pool because the water level has drastically changed. It can be hard to conclude that a crack is causing the problem, because dropping water levels can be caused by both leaks and evaporation.

Before reaching out to a professional, you can perform a bucket test on your pool to figure out the cause of the leak. This involves filling a bucket a quarter away from being full, marking the line of the water inside as well as outside at the pool’s level. Then leave the bucket for a few days in the pool. If the water in both the bucket and pool goes down, then the pool is just losing water to evaporation. If only the water in the poo decreases, though, then there must be a leak. This link explains the causes of pool leaks.

Just like any wall, the foundation or sides of a pool can crack as its surroundings move with time. Small cracks can be easily repaired. Bigger ones might indicate that there are structural problems, which can be corrected via excavation. The process can be expensive and very time-consuming.

If the crack is on its walls, the pool  should be drained lower than the height of the crack. This sometimes needs guidance from professionals. Draining the pool can sometimes make the crack bigger or make it pop out further.

After the pool is drained, the crack should be widened slightly so any loose material can be removed from its edges. Make the concrete damp and create  a patching compound using cement. From there, the compound can be worked into the crack using a mason’s trowel.

The patch can then be brushed with muriatic acid to etch and create a smoother texture. After that, the entire surface can be coated with epoxy-based paint. This can help make the cracks less noticeable or visible.

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How Much Does it Cost to Fix a Pool Crack?

If you decide to try  fixing the hairline crack by yourself, then you will need to buy the right materials. Hairline cracks are not too deep and less complex than bigger ones, so the repair process is not at all expensive. 

Even if you don’t have a chisel, a screwdriver can be sufficient for widening the crack and removing loose materials like debris in it. The crack will most likely have algae, dirt, or bacteria, which can be cleaned off using any big brush with harder bristles. The crack should be as clean and clear as it can be.

However, if your crack is much worse than just a hairline, then it might be time to step back and let a professional handle the work. As a pool owner, you should be aware of when to call a professional to repair the crack or damage.

Even if you’re the best at do-it-yourself repairs, know when to stop. Concrete pools, even swimming pools themselves, are very hard to repair when the damage is more than just a small crack. Even if you can repair some structural cracks on your own, would you want to take the risk? There will eventually come a point where you can’t guarantee a successful repair job. Dive into the durability of concrete pools – discover more about their lifespan here!

If the crack in your pool is severe, large, or something you haven’t run into before, call in a professional as soon as you can. An expert is needed in complete and successful repair. Just because you own a swimming pool doesn’t always mean you know how to fix it.

It is also not a good idea to put off repairing a crack in a pool. Though you may think it isn’t too severe, a crack can lead to disastrous situations. Any seasonal change or fluctuation in temperatures may expand and worsen the crack, which leaves you with more damage.  Even the slowest and smallest leaks can be detrimental to a plumbing system.

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Final Thoughts

The next time you see a bad crack in your pool in Sarasota, FL, Nelson Pool Company can have your back. Being in the business since 2005, we have mastered various methods in attacking leaks and sources of damage in swimming pools.

Our inspectors will use high-tech equipment to analyze  the entire pool to find out where it is damaged. It’s better to act now and assess the damage before your repair costs grow any bigger.

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