Find the Best Bradenton, FL Pool Leak Detection Specialist

Are you looking for the best Bradenton, FL pool leak detection specialist? Well, you need to look any further.

Nelson Pool Company is the best for pool leak repair and detection in Bradenton, Florida. The entire team possesses excellent knowledge and expertise, providing speedy yet flexible services. 

Nelson Pool Company uses sophisticated equipment and provides comprehensive reports. They’re known for their excellent customer service as well. 

The company also offers free estimates, and that’s on top of their affordable services.

Let’s take a deep dive into why you should hire Nelson Pool Company for the best pool services in Bradenton. 

Best for Pool Leak Repair and Detection

Why Choose the Nelson Pool Company? 

When it comes to pool repair, the Nelson Pool Company is the best in Bradenton due to various reasons:

1. Excellent Knowledge and Experience 

Nelson Pool Company has been servicing much of Florida since 2005. They’re licensed and certified contractors with license # 1457592.

Thanks to their 17 years of experience, they make pool repair look incredibly easy!

Nelson Pool Company makes this possible thanks to its impressive portfolio of repair services. They have encountered some absolutely overwhelming scenarios over the years, so there’s nothing that can faze them! 

With their cutting-edge techniques, they can detect leaks in your pool right away.

Remember: time is of the essence when it comes to pool repairs. The slower your contractors are, the more precious water you lose (and money, too! ) Experience exceptional swimming pool repairs with Nelson Pool Company’s expert touch – dive in for a stress-free solution!

2. Use of Sophisticated Equipment 

Nelson Pool Company starts by finding the leak manually, as with most contractors. They will inspect all the possible sources.

They’ll make sure that all bases are covered

Once they do, they will use sophisticated equipment to pressure test the leak. These ultrasonic/sensor gadgets allow them to find cracks in just a few minutes.

Even complicated and lengthy repairs will begin in no time and be effectively handled thanks to Nelson Pool Company’s sophisticated equipment.

3. Comprehensive Reporting

Once the contractors are done with your service, they’ll document all their findings. 

They will provide you with a comprehensive report. This will detail everything they found during the inspection. 

The report will also include the suggested repairs, especially for complicated issues.

4. Speedy and Flexible Services

Are you busy with work, among many other things? It’s no reason for you to skip that much-needed pool leak detection or repair.

When cracks are detected right away, your repairs will likely cost you very little (the national minimum is $175.) But if you ignore it and the leaks get more extensive, you may end up paying as much as $5,000! 

The good thing about Nelson Pool Company is that they’re highly flexible. They can adapt their services according to your free time.

To make things better, they can pool services in Bradenton.  in record time! For example, they can replace your liner in as quickly as two days. For some companies, this process can last for a long four days. Unveil the 11 crucial questions to ask your pool leak repair specialist – click here for expert guidance!

5. Great Customer Service

Nelson Pool Company contractors are not just knowledgeable, experienced, and flexible. They offer superb customer service as well!

They know to prioritize their clients’ needs. It’s one of the reasons why they receive nothing but high praises from our clients. 

As satisfied customer Christopher Anderson has posted:

“I had a great experience with Nelson Pool Company. They arrived early, worked without a break, and had done an extensive repair on our pool and spa by noon. They were very professional, speedy, and very efficient. I am never looking for any other pool repair company. Thanks, guys!!!”

6. Free Estimates 

Are you scared of hiring a leak repair company because of the costs it might entail? With Nelson Pool Company, you don’t have to worry about this.

The company offers free estimates, so you know how much you need to pay before signing up for our services. 

It’s easy to request a free estimate since you can do it online. 

Just click on this link. Enter your name, physical address, contact number, and email address on the form. 

Make sure to include the type of service you require for your pool. It’s also wise to have any message you’d like to tell your contractor.

You also have the option to call or email their office in Bradenton, FL. 

Click here to see how Nelson Company refill your pool can help you.

Nelson Pool Company

7. Affordable Services

You don’t have to lose an arm and limb to have your Sarasota pool repaired. 

With the Nelson Pool Company, you can get top-tier services for a surprisingly low price. 

For example, they can replace the liner of a small pool (that requires standard materials) for only $2,500. This even includes the labor charge. 

For some companies, you can expect to pay as much as $3,500 on top of the labor costs. 

Skimmer replacements, for another example, often cost $100 each at most repair agencies. With Nelson Pool Company, you can get this done at a low price of only $40 each. 

While these are ballpark estimates, of course, and the final cost will depend on services and materials needed, Nelson Pool Company will do its best to keep your repairs as affordable as possible.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Aside from scrutinizing the surfaces and your equipment pad, you can use food coloring or soapy water to detect leaks in your pool. #NelsonPoolCompany #BestPoolRepairInSarasotaFL #PoolMaintenanceHacks #PoolHacks

— Nelson Pool Company (@NelsonCompany) December 27, 2021

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How Can I Tell Where My Pool Is Leaking? 

You can tell where your pool is leaking as easily as doing the dye test. Pour a few drops of food coloring into the water. The dye should seep easily through the cracks. 

If you find no leaks through this method, make sure to call the best pool repair service. Contact Nelson Pool Company right away if you have any concerns.

How Do You Troubleshoot a Pool Leak?

For minor leaks such as cracked tiles, you can use epoxy, a rubber-based sealant, or putty to troubleshoot a pool leak.

The same goes for leaking skimmers, which you can fix (at least temporarily) with repair putty. 

For more complicated problems – such as underground plumbing leaks – it’s best to call Nelson Pool Company. 

They will need to check the individual plumbing lines for pressure, often using a ‘giant stethoscope.’ Depending on the findings, they may have to replace various pipes. Is It time for a pool makeover? Recognize the signs.

How Accurate Is Leak Detection?

Nelson Pool Company’s leak detection services come with an accuracy rate of over 90%. The contractors use sophisticated ultrasonic equipment. This allows them to find even minute hairline cracks. Barely noticeable, these cracks can lead to leaks and huge water bills if left unrepaired. Find out where all that pool water ends up leaking to by clicking this link.

Choosing Nelson Company

How Much Does It Cost to Have a Leak Detected?

Nelson Pool Company contractors can detect your pool leaks for as low as $200 to $300. Notice a drop in your pool water? Suspect a leak? Reach out to Nelson Pool Company, the expert in leak detection. Click here.

Final Thoughts

Nothing beats the Nelson Pool Company, especially when it comes to pool repairs. 

In service since 2005, they’re staffed with highly-knowledgeable and experienced contractors.

They use sophisticated equipment that allows them to provide speedy yet flexible services.

They also offer free estimates and comprehensive leak detection reporting. 

They’re the best in Bradenton with their affordable services and excellent customer service! Dive into reliable pool leak detection services – contact Nelson Pool Company at (941) 256-4079 and click here for swift solutions!

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