How Do I Know if My Pool Has a Pressure Side Leak?

Knowing your pool has leaks can be worrisome, and your pool’s pump system can be the culprit behind your worries. If you noticed that your water level is unusually getting low and that there are water sprays coming out of your pipes when your pump is turned on, you might be having a pressure-side leak. […]

How Do I Know if My Pool Line Is Leaking?

Leaks in your pool can happen anywhere. However, before you look for a leak, you must rule out a few things, such as evaporation or a breach in the filter system plumbing. Begin by inspecting the complete filter system. This includes your pool pump, filter, heater, chlorinator, as well as any O-rings or connectors that […]

How to Find the Best Pool Leak Detection Specialist in Sarasota, FL

It is prevalent for pools to lose a little water each day because of evaporation. However, an excessive loss of water might indicate a leak in your swimming pool. There are many places where leaks could originates, and locating them on your own can be a difficult task. Finding the most accurate pool leak detection […]

11 Questions You Need to Ask Your Pool Leak Repair Specialist

Leaks are one of the most common pool problems. They can originate from anywhere inside your swimming facility. The good news is there’s plenty you’ll be able to do about them if you know what causes them and their sources! If you’re like most homeowners, you probably don’t think much about what makes your pool […]

Where Does Pool Leak Water Go?

If your pool is leaking, then you may be wondering where the water ends up after it’s left the pool. Pool leak water can seep through the grass and surrounding areas, making your soil or grass soggy. Your deck and patio may sink or lift. Equipment-related leaks can lead to dripping and spraying of water. […]

Find the Best Bradenton, FL Pool Leak Detection Specialist

Are you looking for the best Bradenton, FL pool leak detection specialist? Well, you need to look any further. Nelson Pool Company is the best for pool leak repair and detection in Bradenton, Florida. The entire team possesses excellent knowledge and expertise, providing speedy yet flexible services.  Nelson Pool Company uses sophisticated equipment and provides […]

Pool Leak Detection Specialist Vs. Plumber

Does your pool water level keep changing?  Are your water bills higher than average? Unfortunately, these are signs that your pool is leaking. To be sure, you need to have it formally diagnosed. The question, however, is, who should you get to check your pool? A leak detection specialist or a plumber? A pool leak […]

How Often Should a Pool Be Resurfaced?

Pool resurfacing or replastering should be done every 10 years. This is based on the surface lifespans of cement and pool plaster material. But constant use, chemical exposure, and climate changes can damage the pool plaster. That said, you should consider resurfacing your pool every 3 to 7 years. Also, the sign of wear and […]

Your Complete Guide to Fixing a Pool Leak

Pool leaks can be grating, especially when you don’t know where the leak is coming from. While it is normal for swimming pools to get marred from time to time, that doesn’t make fixing pool leaks any less of a hassle. This article shares everything you need to know about pool leaks. From identifying pool […]

How Do You Find A Leak In the Skimmer Line?

Nelson Pool Company

If your pool is losing an inch or more water per day, you know that it is leaking somewhere. Water loss is a major telltale sign that there is a leak, and usually, the skimmer lines, which draw water from your pool to be filtered, cleaned and returned, are the culprit. Leaks in your pool’s […]