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Pool Leak Detection

Swimming pool leaks can originate from a variety of sources. Several reasons contribute to the formation of leaks inside a pool system. The equipment or in-lines installed in a pool could be responsible for forming a leak source inside of a pool. Also, a poorly structured and built swimming pool is susceptible to pool leaks and pool damage. Leaks commonly occur in areas of the pool shell that have been cut out to accommodate fittings, jets, pool lights, skimmers, drains, etc. or from cracks in the pool shell itself. Leaks can also occur at the equipment or in lines that run underground. Elevated water features such as fountains and spas can cause the pool to lose water if they do not have properly functioning check valves.

No matter the source of the leak, failure to address it in a timely manner can cause additional damages to the pool structure and to equipment. When leaks happen, it is essential you hire experienced professionals to correct them.

We understand that a source of the leak can be the equivalent to a single strand of hair – which gives us the term hairline crack. This work requires us to isolate the targeted surface after sifting through the entire pool. Our highly trained pool inspectors first manually examine the nature of the leaks then they proceed to use out latest high-tech equipment to have a more focused look at the leaks.

Once we are done with the inspection and detection of the pool leaks, we will provide you with a detailed report of the source of the leak along with any suggested repairs that go beyond the scope of the leak detection itself.


When it comes to leak detection Nelson Pool Company is an industry leader.

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We are a licensed swimming pool leak detection company that provides many types of repair services. We are not just focused on detecting the leaks, we are also focused on repairing them as well. We use our extensive knowledge, high-quality equipment and best techniques to repair every kind of leak you can imagine. Our team of experts will visit your pool and make all the arrangements needed to fit into your busy schedule. We are focused on creating quality work and relationships and look forward to working with you.

Once you hire Nelson Pool Services, there will be nothing to worry about. Just leave the maintenance of your pool to our team and we will handle it with great care. We offer a wide range of pool related services so that you don’t have to worry about other companies. If you think that you have a leak in your pool, just give a call and our team quickly schedule a visit. 

Our leak detection service starts with an initial test of the point of the leak. Once the leak is detected, we provide a detailed solution for a fix. We will provide a cost-effective solution that repairs the leak and helps prevent it from coming back. Part of that process will result in the surface where the repair took place to look like a new again. 


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