When Do You Renovate Your Pool?

Just like most of your things, your pool also needs regular care and maintenance to stay in good condition. While investing in quality equipment and making sure that the materials used in building your pool may prolong its life, there will come a point when you will need to renovate it or replace it completely.

Read this article to learn why a pool is a great investment for your home.

When is pool renovation necessary?

Whether it’s a simple face-lift or more radical pool upgrade ideas, there are several reasons why you might consider a pool renovation. Here are some of them:

  •         Damaged pool

If your swimming pool already looks a little worse for wear, you might want to consider a pool renovation. This will not only breathe new life into your pool, but it will also be the best time to make the necessary pool repairs.

Over time, your pool may develop some structural problems, broken pipes, or damaged tiles. These issues require more than just a cleanup. If you notice that your tiles have already faded or cracked or are already too smooth, you may consider replacing them as that means they are already safety hazards. As a pool owner, you know how cracked tiles could not only lead to a leaking pool but could also lead to injuries. Find out whether your pool has a leak by visiting this. https://nelsonpoolcompany.com/how-do-you-know-if-you-have-a-pool-leak/

Depending on the current condition of your swimming pool and the amount of work it requires to make it usable again, changing all of your tilings to give your pool a new look may be a cost-effective time to make other changes that will enhance your pool’s appearance, too.

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  •         Change of Purpose

Was your pool designed and constructed by the previous owners of your home? Then perhaps you find the construction and design of the pool just fine, but it simply does not suit your taste. Perhaps you wish they had not chosen a mosaic tiling for the pool’s flooring, or you wish they had chosen a different style for the decking.

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If you wish to improve the appearance of your pool or change its purpose, the best time to make it happen is during a pool renovation. A pool renovation is a great opportunity for you to make the changes you want to see in your pool.

A swimming pool renovation does not only provide an opportunity for you to improve the appearance of your home, it also allows you to change the purpose of the pool. Especially if you were not the one who originally designed it, your pool may not serve its purpose the way you like it.

If its original owner built the pool purely for fitness and training, then its design may not be suitable for entertaining family and friends for pool parties. It may also not be safe for your children to swim there.

The need to change a pool’s purpose is a good reason to consider having some elements of fun introduced to this area of your home. If you have your pool renovated, you can finally add a fire pit or barbecue around it to make it look more like a fantastic place to spend the summer months.

A swimming pool redesign or renovation also becomes necessary if you wish to redesign its steps for entering and exiting the water, making it easier and much safer for your children. As you consider safety in your pool renovation, make sure that you also have an automatic safety cover fitted to your pool.

The moment you feel that your pool is no longer suitable for your family, go for a pool renovation. When your children were still small, your pool might have been ideal for them. As they grew up, however, you may find how they have outgrown the pool. In that case, considering a pool renovation becomes a must.

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  •         Developments in Pool Technology

Another good reason to renovate your pool is if you want to make sure you always have top-of-the-line equipment. Is it about time you amp up the pool fun? Add a hot tub or spa? How about a fountain or a beach entry? Or maybe sun shelves? Any of these pool accessories will definitely add to the fun and enjoyment you have in your pool.

Pool technology has made some unbelievable advances in recent years, and having your swimming pool renovated is the best way to make sure that you are able to take full advantage of all these developments.

As you renovate your pool, make sure that you have effective pumps and filters to energy-efficient heaters, as well as safety covers to fun elements like automatic lighting and swimming machines. These fantastic products are available on the market and are specifically designed to help pool owners like you save money in the long run. They also help reduce your cleaning and maintenance requirements and maximize the enjoyment of your home pool.

If you are worried that adding these features will burn a hole in your pocket and require your pool to be closed for a long time, do not. Many of the special features you can add to your existing pool do not require major upheaval or construction work in your pool area, so you and your family will still be able to enjoy your pool in next to no time.

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When is the best time to renovate your pool?

Like many pool owners, you certainly look forward to the warmer weather. As you look forward to the season, plan possible swimming pool remodeling or repairs in your backyard and make sure to have these renovations done before the warmer weather arrives.

Actually, there is no one best time to renovate a pool. The question of whether now is the best time to have your pool renovated largely depends on many factors. Here are some of them:

  •         Use of the pool

While the best time to renovate a pool varies in most areas, building or renovating a pool during the wet season has more advantages than renovating a pool during the summer. 

One of the reasons why that is so is that outdoor swimming pools are usually not heavily used during these seasons. When summer arrives, pools tend to be in heavy use because of the warmer weather.

  •         Type of renovation

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There are instances when the weather is not the only thing you consider when thinking about the best time to renovate your pool. Sometimes, it also depends on the type of remodeling that you want for your outdoor oasis.

To make sure that your pool renovation turns out successful, plan all the changes you want ahead so you do not need to leave it all to the last minute.

  •         Rain

Rainy days may push back the time for your pool renovation project to be completed. That is why it is imperative that most of the work happens on clear days.

  •         Equipment replacement

Especially if your pool is undergoing some equipment replacement, you certainly want faster and smoother renovation. Depending on the pool equipment that you are going to replace, there are certain weather conditions that simply aren’t suitable for renovations like this. During the spring, this process is faster and without delays because of the ideal weather.

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  •         Landscaping

Many pool owners prefer fixing the garden around their pools while the swimming pool is getting all the necessary fixes. If you want to design your own pool and are looking to do the landscaping during this time, too, then choose whether that is best for planting.

If you think your pool needs some fixing, you can talk with us. We at Nelson Pool Company will assess your pool, let you know which items need replacement and immediately begin work on your pool renovation. Call us today at 941-256-4079.

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