Whether you have a brand new pool or you are refilling a pool you had to drain for repairs, you need an efficient method to refill your pool. How you fill your pool depends a lot on your location and available resources, but however you do it, careful planning and proper equipment will help you save money when it is time for a fresh fill-up.

In this video, we are showing the covered area from where to where the pumping of groundwater takes place. At Nelson Pool Company, we use a pump for the groundwater to prevent the pool from popping out from the ground.

Why and When Does Your Pool Need Refilling?

As a rule, it is often better to keep your pool full of clean, balanced water than draining and refilling it unnecessarily again and again. You will be able to spend far less on incremental chemical treatments to maintain already-clean water than you will replacing the whole thing.

Since pool ownership is full of regular maintenance, you know you might need some fresh water for your pool if:

  •     you are filling your pool for the first time
  •     you are topping it off as you prepare to open it for the season
  •     you are making up for the water loss due to splash-out or mere evaporation
  •     you have recently drained your pool for repairs
  •     you have replaced your in-ground pool liner
  •     your pool water has become unbalanced or contaminated and no longer responds to chemical treatment