How Long Does It Take to Fix a Pool Leak?

How long does it take to fix a pool leak? A structural leak generally takes half a day to complete the first step of a crack injection repair. Then you need another half day to “staple” the cracks together and plaster.  The factors that affect the time to fix the leak depend on the type of leak and the extent of the damage.

This assessment of the leak problem can be assessed better with a pool leak inspection.

Can concrete pools leak?

Yes, they can. There are three major types of concrete pool leaks. Aside from the structural leaks, there are fitting leaks and plumbing leaks.

What causes cracking in structural concrete?

Structural leaks causing damage to the integrity of the pool shell is due to any of the following:

  1. Poor structural design
  2. Settling of the soil underneath
  3. Extreme temperature changes
  4. Terrain shift, such as earthquakes
  5. Groundwater seepage

These structural cracks may be minor, hairline cracks or deeper ones.

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How do you fix hairline cracks in the pool?

For an easier fix for these hairline cracks, you can use a pool putty, even underwater. Simply mix the two-part pool putty and fix. The putty hardens even underwater and will just take 60 minutes curing.

But keep in mind that these cracks can be a danger sign of a more serious problem underneath. So, it is best to let professionals do a thorough inspection.

Early detection is the key to prevent potentially dangerous structural leaks.  It can lead to more serious outcomes such as flooding and damage to your yard or even your neighbor’s.

Pool professionals are experts in spotting the depth of a crack.  It starts with a manual inspection then the use of an ultrasonic device. This will help detect the severity of the structural leak. Take the plunge into the debate of sealing hairline cracks in your pool – should you DIY or entrust the professionals? Click here to discover the ultimate solution!

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What are the methods of concrete crack repair?

For deeper or longer cracks, a Crack Injection repair is a better and safer option. This starts with draining of the pool and making sure each side of the crack is dry. Then special injection ports are attached over the crack in 12-18” spacing.  The crevice is then covered with the same adhesive to attach the ports and covered with a sealant. A urethane foam is then forced over the injection ports into the crevice. This is through the use of a high-pressure, dual-cartridge gun.

When the foam has cured, the surface epoxy and the ports are removed by using a portable grinding disc.

If the crack is more than an inch deep, it is recommended you use hydraulic cement instead.  After filling the crack with hydraulic cement, use pool plaster on the topmost half inch.

If a future crack expansion is likely, staples are placed on the special injection ports. This is for reinforcement.  These staples are either made of stainless steel, carbon fiber, or rebar. The staples are then embedded in the concrete and covered with a plaster repair compound.

The Crack Injection process will take half a day. After this, the stapling process takes another half day.

Fitting Leaks

Fitting leaks occur at the point of penetration of the concrete pool. This includes lights, skimmers, jets to name a few. These fittings are set in place where the pool contractor leaves a hole for the fittings. There is no sealant but instead, the contractor packs plaster around them.

How do you fix a leaky pool skimmer?

Aside from a pool putty and plaster, an injectable urethane foam is good for fixing fitting leaks between the skimmer throat and the pool shell. To do this, the water level must be lower than the skimmer throat first. 

After this, you can inject the expandable foam through a drilled hole just below the throat. It is more permanent than applying putty around it.  Polyurethane injections have a curing time anywhere between 15-45 minutes.  They are then fully cured in 24 hours.

Plumbing Leaks

A lot of plumbing systems go underground. As such, it is best to do it right the first time to avoid unnecessary and avoidable plumbing fixes. Fortunately, now, there are newer ways to fix plumbing leaks in your pool.

How do you fix a pool leak under concrete?

Our ultrasonic device can pick up sounds in a leaking pipe. It lets us pinpoint the leak through solid surfaces without having to cut or break concrete.  This does not only save time but money as well.

How long does it take to fix pool leak from plumbing?

Most plumbing leaks get resolved in two days.   The time it takes to fix a pool leak from plumbing can vary according to the findings on the pool leak detection.

We know at this point that if repaired early enough, fixing a pool leak does not take long.  What happens when you do not call for prompt pool repair service?

What damage can a water leak cause?

Unresolved pool leaks can cause many problems:

  1. Plumbing leaks can flood your and your neighbor’s yard and can erode your concrete deck. It can even erode your home.
  2. Leaks and cracks in your underground pipes can also cause dirt to seep into your pool.
  3. You can get a sinkhole in your yard. This is a cavity that appears in your yard when water erodes the surface.
  4. Damage to the pool structure. Small hairline cracks can grow larger and cause serious damage not only to the pool but to the ground as well.
  5. Chemical imbalance can occur. Water loss can cause a change in pH levels. This will cause the growth of algae and corrosion of equipment.
  6. The ground shift of your patio. Leaking water can also seriously affect the land surrounding your pool. Your patio might become uneven.
  7. Chlorine leakage will take place. When leaked water saturates your ground, it will harm your plants.
  8. Pool hygiene and sanitation get negatively affected. This happens when the pool leak causes the water level to fall below the skimmer. Your pool can spring leaks at any time. Knowing the telltale indicators of a leaky pool will also aid in pinpointing the source and kind of the leak. To find out how to identify a leaking pool, please click here.
  9. High water bill. Think of it as leaving a faucet on 24/7.
  10. The pump system will be affected.  The right water level will let the skimmer basket circulate the water to the equipment. This includes the filter and the motor unit, or if your pool has a heater. When the water level falls below this, only air, and not water circulates in the system. This will cause your pool system to shut down.

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The Takeaway: Early Pool Leak Repair Is a Priority

When you see signs of a pool leak, you should consult a pool contractor immediately. Think about it. How long does it take to fix a pool leak? It only takes a few hours to a few days.

Pool leak repair does not take very long especially when done early. It will mean huge savings and convenience for you. Do not delay fixing your water leak.

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