How Do You Renovate Your Pool?

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If you have a swimming pool in your home, then you know how it does not only make bonding moments a lot more fun with your family but also adds value to your property. That is why if you fail to maintain your pool area, you are losing a lot.

What are the things to consider when renovating a pool?

Whether it is because your pool is already an eyesore or you just want to modify it for better functionality, a pool renovation is something that takes careful consideration. This project can make or break your pool property, so it is imperative that you consider a few things before, during, and after taking on this project.

Consider these tips to help you get the most out of your Sarasota FL pool renovation:

  •         Be creative

One of the most common mistakes of pool owners is that when renovating their pools, they think it’s just about repairing and replacing the parts that they already have. Remember that pool renovation is more than just that.

Especially if your pool is already old, you may look at renovation as a great opportunity to upgrade its structure and style into something that you and your family may like. This is even more crucial when you are planning to sell your home, as most homebuyers are very particular when it comes to the pool area.

Instead of just repairing and replacing your existing pool parts, be creative by replacing the plain cement around your old pool patio with concrete pavers or travertine pavers. You may also want to add modern features to your pool to make it look more inviting.

  •         Check the mechanical parts of your pool

If your pool has been sitting without use for years, it pays to have a pool repair service check its mechanical parts. While it may be tempting to cut corners and save money by skipping the mechanical parts of your pool during an upgrade, it is particularly important to update the mechanics that make your pool function when you are renovating.

Pools that have not been in use for a long time usually already have insects and other elements in their filters. Faulty electrical wiring and dysfunctional heaters may also cause serious damage in the long run. Don’t wait for these damages to become worse before you give them proper attention.

  •         Protect your pool through extensive maintenance

You don’t renovate your pool now only to renovate it a few months later. Remember, taking care of your pool requires not a one-time extensive renovation but regular extensive maintenance. To avoid having to renovate your pool again in no time, make sure that you protect your new pool parts regularly after the first renovation. If you want to know the 7 Best Kept Pool Maintenance Hacks You Have to Try, click here.

If you’re looking to do more than just some basic maintenance on your pool, a professional with experience in pool design, building, and technology can help you give your pool a whole new look. If you want to add depth and dimension to your pool through remodeling, visit It’s important to regularly review and update a pool’s structure. The Nelson Pool Company is here for all of your pool remodeling and repair requirements.

Do not ever think of maintenance as a burden. Every pool requires extensive maintenance, and finding a service company to clean your pool and filters on a regular basis is something that will certainly benefit you in the long run. 

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Which pool updates are most crucial and cost-efficient?

While we cannot stress enough how important a pool renovation is in improving the functionality and modernizing your pool, we at Nelson Pool Company understand that your budget may be a concern when it’s time to renovate your pool.

Your budget largely affects your pool renovation plans. However, just because your budget is restricted does not mean you won’t be able to upgrade your pool in any way. If your budget is restricted, you can still concentrate on small pool repairs while temporarily setting aside a full-scale pool restoration project.

Don’t put off finding a leak in your pool because you’re afraid of how much it might cost. Don’t forget that the money you spend now to find out if your pool is leaking is a much better investment than having to deal with a flooded yard later. Click here to find leaks in your pool as quickly and cheaply as possible.


Here are some tips if you are looking for budget-friendly pool upgrades:

  •         Use paint instead of tiles

One of the best options, if you want to lower the overall expense of your pool renovation, is to ditch the tiles and use paint or install stamped concrete instead. Since tiles can be costly, using paint or stamped concrete will help free up more of your budget towards upgrading more important pool equipment such as pumps and filters.

  •         Prioritize substance over style

While modernizing your pool by adding features during a renovation sounds exciting, it will likely not work if you are working on a limited budget. If your budget is restricted, prioritize substance over style. For instance, if you find that your filter and pump need a more energy-efficient replacement, prioritize that over cosmetic changes.

  •         Hit two birds with one stone

A pool renovation is a great opportunity to upgrade the mechanics of your pool as well. While you modernize your pool pumps, filters, and lighting during a pool renovation, you may want to take advantage of your time to do the resurfacing as well. This will not only give your poolside a neater look but it will also help lower your utility bill.

  •         Use solar-powered equipment

Another great way to cost-cut on pool renovation is by choosing solar options for your pool equipment. Using a solar-powered heating system, for instance, is a smart way to extend your swimming season. Solar-powered pool covers are also available if you want to reduce the costs associated with your pool maintenance, as this option requires fewer cleanings.

How do you select the best pool company for your pool renovation?

While pool renovation can be an excellent way to revamp the look of your pool area and improve the usability of your pool, it is important that you consider the pool service company to get the job done for you. Since renovating your pool is an investment both in your time and money, it is imperative that you love the end result the first time around. Before you sign a contract with a pool company, there are a few points to check first.

Having a pool is good for my health in many ways, from my mental health to my physical health. There are a lot of good things about it. But it can be frustrating to see a structure that looks old or isn’t what I imagine an ideal pool to be. In this article (, you’ll learn the important signs that it’s time to renovate your pool.

A photo showing a fully renovated pool in Sarasota FL

As a pool owner, you want to ascertain the quality of your pool once the renovation is done. Because of this, you cannot afford to hire just any pool restoration contractor out there.

A good pool contractor will not only aid you in material selection but will also tell you which broken parts need some repair or which inefficient components need some upgrades. To ensure that you are working with the right pool contractor for your pool renovation project, know the company’s capabilities either by reviewing their portfolio or checking their credentials and licenses.

It also pays to make sure that your pool renovation goal matches the company’s strengths. If you want to prioritize sustainability, check if the company uses eco-friendly technologies. Also, make sure that the company you hire does not only specialize in new pool construction but in pool renovation as well because those are two different things. A good pool remodeler will know the ins and outs of working with and around mature, existing landscaping, while a contractor that only specializes in new pool construction may not.

A nice pool can make your home look more desirable. Whether or not you are planning to sell your home, renovating and maintaining your pool will make a huge difference in how high the value of your home stays.

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