Can You Patch a Pool With Water In It?

Yes, of course. Patching a pool with water in it is a simple process. The first thing you need to do is identify the area of the leak. Next, find a pmatch material that matches the shade of your current liner. For underwater leaks, you can use a wet patch kit.

How Do You Pool Leak With Water In It?

There’s a reason why it’s not recommended to drain your pool if you want to fix a leak. Draining can cause your pool’s liner to wrinkle or collapse.

There are two steps to patching your pool with water in it:

1.   Pool Leak Detection and

2.   Pool Leak Repair

Here the things you’ll need to fix the leaks in your pool:

  • Snorkeling gear and goggles
  •  Leak repair kit
  •  Pool dye

Pool Leak Detection

1.   Make sure the water is clean. Clear water ensures you won’t miss a single tear during the inspection. Also, keep the water calm and turn off the pool pump.

2.   With your snorkeling gear and goggles on, search for the leak by moving around the pool.

3.If you can’t find a single leak, take the poo dye and squirt a small amount around your pool’s liner.

Pool Leak Repair

1. Give the area around the leak a thorough cleaning.

2. Cut a patch from your leak repair kit. Make sure the patch is an inch larger than the leak.

3. On a smooth surface, place the patch and spread the waterproof epoxy or cement on the patch’s underside.

4.   Fold the patch, put it underwater and into the location of the leak.

5.   Press the patch over the leak.

6.   Smooth the patch with your fingers from the center out.

What Causes a Pool Liner to Tear?

The combination of the sun’s rays and chemicals can cause your liner to become brittle. When some parts of the liner break, rips can occur and cause leaks.

Since most pools are built outdoors, they are exposed to the sun’s harmful UV rays. Likewise, pools need to be treated with chemicals that make the water safe to use. These chemicals prevent algae from breeding in your pool.

With proper care and maintenance, pool liners can last up to 12 years. But exposure to chemicals and the elements can cause your pool liner to deteriorate faster.

How Do You Know if Your Pool Leaks?

Here are 6 signs that if your pool is leaking:

1. Deterioration and Cracks

2. Signs of Fading

3. Significant Water loss

4. Standing Water Near Your Pool

5. Fluctuating Chemical Levels

6. Discolored Water or Algae

Deterioration and Cracks

Pool liners will deteriorate over time due to harmful ultraviolet rays and harsh pool chemicals. Deterioration and cracking are signs of wear and tear you should look out for.

Keep in mind that hairline leaks are so thin you hardly notice them. To determine if your pool has small cracks, monitor the water level for a week.

If you notice your pool has lost over an inch of water, , there could be cracks that you need to find and fix.

Consider hiring a Florida Pool Leak Detection specialist in your area. They have the latest leak detection equipment around. You can rest assured that even the smallest of cracks will not go undetected.

Signs of Fading

Pool water treatment chemicals and sunlight can cause the pool liner to fade over time. Severe fading of the liner is a sign of deterioration. While most pool liners resist deterioration, this doesn’t mean they are impermeable.

Pool liners have plasticizers that promote flexibility. They also reduce brittleness in the vinyl material. But, plasticizers tend to fade when the vinyl deteriorates. Tears and cracks in the pool begin to appear as soon as the liner becomes brittle.

Significant Water Loss

Severe water loss is a sure sign that your pool is leaking. Most modern pool liners are puncture-resistant. Still, leaks and tears can appear if the liner has seen better days.

Water evaporation from the Florida sun also contributes to your pool’s water loss. Children splashing around is another reason. But these are normal and not a cause for concern.

Is your pool losing a considerable amount of water week after week? Contact the nearest Swimming Pool Repair Service in your area immediately.

Standing Water Near Your Pool

The presence of a puddle near your pool is also a sign of a leak. This is especially true if no one has gone swimming in your pool and it hasn’t rained for weeks.

If there are no puddles around your pool, try to examine the grass nearby. If it appears uneven and feels mushy, these are signs of an underground leak.

Fluctuating Chemical Levels

A sudden drop in your pool’s chemical level can be a sign of a leak. Water escaping from your pool carries the treatment chemicals with it. So you need to add more chemicals to make up for that loss.

But keeping your chemical levels steady every day is a tedious process. You should seek the services of a Pool Leak Detection specialist if you have a leak on your hands. Doing so will stop the leaks and avoid further damage.

Discolored Water or Algae

If your pool’s chemical level is low, algae might start to breed and multiply fast. Rapid breeding of algae can turn your pool water green.

Algae-infested pool water is dangerous. Algae in swimming pools cause serious skin infections. If you notice your pool water has turned green in a short time, call your local Pool Leak Detection company at once.

When Should You Repair or Replace Your Pool Liner?

If your pool liner is under three years old, you can try to repair minor tears. If your liner is older than that, you might want to consider a pool liner replacement.

Pool liners deteriorate and become brittle as they age. When certain parts of a liner break, leaks can appear in the pool.

You can also tell if your pool liner needs repair or replacement by the area of the damage. The most difficult area to repair is near the plastic fittings of the liner’s bed. In this case, your best option is liner replacement.

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Final Thoughts on Pool Repair Leak Detection

Patching leaks in a pool with water in it is a simple procedure. Still, pool liners don’t last forever. Many patches won’t cut it if the pool liner is starting to deteriorate.

If your pool needs repair or liner replacement, give Nelson Pool Company a call. We have licensed contractors ready to service pool owners in Bradenton, Sarasota, and Manatee County, Florida.

Remember, early detection of leaks can save you money on  major pool repairs in the future.

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