How Long Does It Take to Acid Wash a Pool?

Is the water in your Sarasota pool so slimy that you can’t see the bottom? Well, this only means one thing – your pool has essentially transformed into a black lagoon. As such, it will need an acid pool washing by the Nelson Pool Company. Also known as ‘drain and clean,’ it’s the process of […]

7 Best Kept Pool Maintenance Hacks You Have to Try

Contrary to popular beliefs, it’s not that hard to maintain a pool. You can use several household items to keep it pristine! Some of the best kept pool maintenance hacks include using a tennis ball or pantyhose for cleaning. Baking soda can also be used for cleaning and maintaining pH. Dye and soapy water help […]

How Long Does a Concrete Pool Last?

A well-maintained concrete pool should last around 50 years or more. And a well constructed in-ground concrete swimming pool sphould last a lifetime. But, a pool’s liner or finish won’t last long. And thus, an in-ground concrete pool will need to be resurfaced every 10 to 15 years. A pool leak detection conducted by a […]

How Much Does It Cost to Refurbish an Inground Pool?

Generally, a pool remodeling job is around $4,822 up to $12,259, and the national average is $8,531. The cost of basic resurfacing of an inground pool will fall on the lower end of that range. Pool refurbishing will fall on the higher end. Upgrading your plumbing and pool lights can cost more. The costs of […]

Are Pools Covered By Homeowner’s Insurance?

Does homeowner’s insurance cover swimming pools? By simply having a pool in your own backyard, you make your home the center of summer fun not just for yourself but also for your family and friends. But while a pool is an amazing outdoor feature, it comes with responsibility and liability risk. If you own a […]