I wasn’t sure if I had a leak in my pool. I was putting water and my chemicals were out of wack. Called the office and the lady that answered the phone explained me how to do a bucket test. She was very friendly and 24 hours after my call, she called back to do a follow up.I was indeed loosing water due to a leak. She scheduled a leak detection and a couple days latter the technician came.He meticulously checked my equipment for leaks, dove into the spa and the pool, found the leak, sealed using the epoxy (missing grout in waterline tiles) and gave me a price for the permanent repair of another leak that was in the jets line.The office called and put me on the schedule for next week for the repair.Same tech came (he is very good and for what he told me he’s been with the company for 8 years) and fixed my leak.I will highly recommend Nelson Pool Company to my neighbors, friends and family.

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