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Swimming Pool Repair

Swimming Pool Repairs

Serving Sarasota and Bradenton Since 2005

With years of experience in the pool leak detection and repair industry, Nelson Pool Company excels in providing high quality workmanship throughout Sarasota & Manatee County. We understand the structure and the function of a pool, therefore we have proprietary methods and techniques that focuses on specific types of pool repairs. We are insured and certified, and we go the extra mile to ensure our clients are happy. As a company, we take pride in repairing, maintaining, and restoring pools and our services even cater to openings & closings of a pool, equipment installation, and leak detection.

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Issues with your Pool, Surfaces, or Equipment?

To repair a pool, our trained technicians remove the substrate or surface materials from the pool. They manually inspect the nature of the leaks and damaged sites before they proceed to employ latest technology to detect and examine the nature of the leaks. A leak in a swimming pool causes substantial damage to the walls and floors and are filled with caulk and epoxy resin which effectively binds the structure together. The binding is further strengthened by the use of a customized mixture. Our technicians works systemically to service and repair the effected area quickly and efficiently.

Remember – Florida swimming pools operate year-round and that makes equipment failures more of a common occurrences. It is important to repair these failures before they turn into larger problems.

Over the years, advances in technology requires service professionals to be familiar with a variety of salt chlorination systems, single and variable speed pumps, lighting (including fiber optics), filtering systems, solar heating equipment, swimming pool control systems, wireless remotes, and a whole lot more!

Nelson Pool Company has the experienced professionals you need to properly diagnose and repair all makes and models of swimming pool equipment both old and new. From repairs of existing equipment to brand new equipment installations, we can handle your every need.